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Song of Zarathustra
Song of Zarathustra -
travis - vokills
tj - guitar
jamie - bass
david - skins
Possibly one of the best dark chaotic hardcore bands of the decade. hailing from sioux city, iowa their sound was like a combination of the craziest moments of angel hair the scarriest, most plodding elements of neurosis. they recently completed a month long tour of the east coast & midwest & were scheduled to record for a 12” at the end of may but due to friction spawned by constant touring, that fell through & the band split up. they have a great 7" on +319 records & two forthcoming split 7”s with johnny angel (assassin angel records) & spreading the disease (witching hour records). they also have tracks that will appear on two comps, so defintely get all that shit if you’re a fan of the gravity influenced sound. also look out for travis & jamie’s new band pavilhao nove because they fucking rock. more 411 on them soon, kiss the goat...