Greetings carbon-based denizen of sol 3 & welcome to the deadbydawn records superlectronic web presence, a place where the living are consumed by the deceased & the simply macabre becomes real horror show. here at deadbydawn we are deadicated in providing you with the very finest in dark chaotic horrorcore & whatever else we deem worthy for yr previously disenchanted ears.In the months to come we’ll be extremely busy unleashing records from all yer new favorite bands, so please keep yr eyes, ears, hearts & minds wide open. first up is a 12” from sonic superstars Volume Eleven entitled *electric dirt fever*, followed by a varitable smorgasbord of other terrifying audio atrocities, some still in the planning stages.If you happen to be in a kick ass band & would like yr demo or record reviewed here, or possibly even be considered for upcoming projects, please send a sample of yer sonic stylings to the address below. we’re always looking for new talent & at the very least, we’ll review the shit honestly. this page is still under monolithic construction so please check back every now & then for updates & other bullshit.

-- 5249 stone ct san diego, ca 92115--1122 --


*you must have chaos in your heart to give birth to a dancing star* -- nietzsche