Volume Eleven
josh ovalteen - riboflavin ramblings
ryan hildebrand - 6 string rickenbacker
kevin wright - gibson sg
gilbert loera - 4 string rickenbacker
bobby czell - beat / hard / blood / boy
For the uninitiated, Volume Eleven are a five piece sonic rock outfit from corona, california, featuring 3 former members of honeywell as well as kids currently in los cincos, the fudge & bastard noise. they've been described as the modernized re-incarnation ov retro rock 'n roll revolutionaries MC5 & pretty much play the same searing brand ov chaotic dischordant spazz shit honeywell were known for on their lp & *electric kool-aid* 7”, boasting the same trademark caustic vokills that have been rumored to make unsuspecting ears bleed. only these days the songs are much shorter, the amps are stuck at ELEVEN & they don’t give a flying fuck if you go deaf as long as yr booty is shakin. their live performances are nothing short of jaw-dropping & hopefully with the release of their forthcoming *electric dirt fever* 12”, this unbelievably talented band will start to get the credit they deserve for taking the *gravity sound* to the next level. Out now on Witching Hour records is a split 7” with los angeles based spacey hardcore unit Gasp. Equally exciting is the fact that shortly after the 12" sees the light ov day, Hand Held Heart will release Volume Eleven's notorious radio session performed live on KXLU (88.9 fm los angeles) on 9/14/97 in the form ov a 10", woohoo!! celebrate the superlectric youth & kick out the jams, motherfucker!!!
The Romance - here comesThe plague ov which there is no vaccine to be given. we are dripping with fever and severed limbs. soon to be consumed and familiar with what was once irrelevant. now that we are dying its not as complex to think ov eachother. u never loved me and i hate u anyway..